I’ll be blunt and brief here. The Smallrig cage for the Blackmagic Pocket 4K does not disappoint. Light weight, ergonomic design, NATO rails, clean machining and finish; what’s not to love?

The immediate effect, even before you attach a single accessory, is that your camera just became a little easier to hold onto and use. Nice side effect. Also, the added weight will only help in making any handheld shaking slightly more pleasing, as the added heft, albeit minimal, will actually slow down the speed of the movement of the camera shakes a bit which will neutralize a little bit of the “DSLR shake”. Pro tip: the more weight you pile onto this thing, the better you will like your handheld footage. Of course, eventually some shoulder support will be in order. We’ll discuss the use of the cage and what I put on it in the coming weeks as I put it to use. Stay tuned.